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A Brief Summary of How This Is Gonna Happen


Let's get to know each other. Our conversations can happen over Skype or email - it's up to you. If you live in the Los Angeles area, by all means let's meet up in person. I want to know all the details about your business, your project, what your vision of success is for you, as well as for your site. The more information I have, the better. So don't hold back. (Plus, this part's free!)


I'll take what you've told me about your goals and vision, and combine it with what I know about current web standards and design trends. The results will be magical. But if they're not, you can feel free to tell me to start from scratch, or just ask me to make a couple of changes. (This part usually takes the longest.)


What if I gave you a website, and you couldn't do anything with it? It just sat there, like a lump. I hate that. You deserve a website that you can update and manage yourself. Part of the launch process will be setting you up with a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to login and make any changes to your site you may need to make, anytime, anywhere.

Nicole was one of my first clients, way back in 2009. Her site has gone from plain HTML/CSS, to Squarespace, to Wordpress, and now to this current version, which is responsive, quick-to-load, easy-on-the-eyes, and set up to handle all her blogging needs, as well as her coaching services. In designing the site, given the nature of the content (healthy-eating), I wanted it to look like a plate of food presented to you by a master chef, and not like a blue plate special at a greasy spoon diner. Each section is well-defined with plenty of white-space around it, and calls-to-action are set apart with bright, clickable buttons.

"I cannot recommend Daniel highly enough. He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish - fast, responsive, and meticulous about making things just right. I felt like he really listened to what I wanted and came through for me. He also had many clever suggestions and 'tricks' for optimizing the layout of my site. I can honestly say that my website is exactly what I imagined - and then some." - Nicole (New York, NY)